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22Sep 17

Transcendent BIke Fit from Jerry Gerlich

[DISCLAIMER: I have known Jerry Gerlich for over 25 years. We are friends, great friends. We met working at the top bicycle store in Los Angeles. We worked hard, rode and raced hard, and played…

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16Jan 17

So much more than a Fit

I am an old war horse of a rider. Plenty of injuries from my 4 decades of riding, training and racing bicycles. I applied as much of the information found on Steve's site as I…

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02Jan 17

Ball of foot pain

For 25 years(now 60) I experienced ball of foot pain mostly in my rt foot while road cycling. The pain was remedied by switching to Diadora shoes and the Bill Peterson powerbed(which apparently can only…

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14Sep 16

Bike Fitting Experience

I first showed up to visit Jerry a year ago. I had been to a local bike shop to purchase a new seat and get it fitted. The seat worked out OK but I ended…

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14Sep 16

Knee Pain

After riding for eight years solely as a commuter I took up a challenge to complete the UK's C2C (150 miles over 2 days). I had about 8 months to train and began by reducing…

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05Sep 16

New seat, begin to tweak

Hi Steve & crew, First, thanks so much for sharing all of this super valuable info with the world, what a difference it can make on not only enjoyment of riding, but longevity, reduction or…

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26Apr 16

Chronic Pain Fading Fading

Hi, I tried to reply to the Chronic Pain Blog about John Sarno but had tech issues so will try here. Had major perineal pain, did not resolve after 6 months off and PT. Read…

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26Apr 16


I bought this seat coming from a padded fizik seat, really for no reason but looks and weight. BUT having said that let me tell you was the best $600 I have EVERRRRRR SPENT on…

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14May 15

No more pain!

I'm a 73-year-old lifelong cyclist: toured, commuted, raced. But for almost forty years, racing has been my passion. Now retired, I ride 150-200 miles per week with a bunch of friends, most of them 10…

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20Mar 15

Visit to Austin

I recently went to visit Jerry Gerlich in Austin. A little background. Been cycling since the mid 70’s, 20 of those years racing both Road and Track. Always considered myself a fairly smooth rider with…

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02Dec 14


Last spring, I was training to ride 4500+ miles from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska with a non-profit group called Texas 4000. I had biked most of my life, primarily mountain trail riding, but upon…

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07Oct 14

California Dream’n in Austin

Hi Jerry, After following Steve Hogg's website for years and dreaming of a fit in Australia I of course chose you for two reasons; one, you're on North America and easier to reach for me,…

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26Sep 14

The Bike Whisperer

I'd finally like to take the time and post a quick response to a fitting I had with Scherrit Knoesen, aka 'The Bike Whisperer' in July earlier this year. I have a habit of rambling…

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11Sep 14

Night and Day

Before reaching out to Jerry, I've had two previous bike fits, including a pretty insensitive "Serotta Bike Fit." I was getting close to entering my first season as a Cat 1 on the NCC circuit…

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10Sep 14

midfoot cleat position

more comfortable position. G'day Sebastian, I'm happy that you are more comfortable with the cleat position you've shown in the photo. My concern is that with the cleat mounted on part of the Speedplay extender…

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10Sep 14

Cleat position

As a new rider at 55 years old, I assumed that having sore knees at the end of a long, hard ride was a result of the effort I had put in. I tend to…

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