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Brisbane – Cam’s Cycle Coaching, 391 Montague St West End

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July 2016: The Colby Pearce Bike Fitting Experience

July 2016: The Colby Pearce Bike Fitting Experience

The following is an excerpt from the "EVOLUTION OF THE WEBGUY Part 2: Completing the Journey." By Jason Warner, Webmaster A planned business trip in September 2012 was going to…

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April 2016: Bicycle Fit Guru Visits The Castle

April 2016: Bicycle Fit Guru visits The Castle

From Steve: People recovering from or suffering from disease states can often be very difficult to fit because of the limitations imposed on them by their health or the fallout…

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October 2015: Not Everyone Can Be Fitted Satisfactorily

October 2015: Not everyone can be fitted satisfactorily

By Steve Hogg Meet a gentleman I'll call JH. JH is a triathlete who came in complaining of chronic pain in the lower back, right hamstring origin, right tricep, right…

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September 2015: Anonymous US Professional

September 2015: Anonymous US Professional

By Colby Pearce EVOLUTION OF A FIT “J” has been a regular fit client of mine for a few seasons. He has ridden for multiple professional teams in the United…

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August 2015: Fitting For Four Wheels

August 2015: Fitting for four wheels

By Jerry Gerlich This month’s FOTM is about a unique client who took a different path in his quest for performance, both on and off the bike. His name is…

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July 2015: High-level Compensator

July 2015: High-level compensator

By Mark Dwyre RM arrived at TI Cycle in search of a new bike. He is an experienced competitive cyclist and former runner, with the future goals of completing grand fondo rides…

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June 2015: Variety Of Issues Caused By Severe Arm Injury

June 2015: Variety of issues caused by severe arm injury

By Neill Stanbury Mr. D presented to our clinic for a fitting in April with an unusual set of problems. He had suffered a severe right elbow fracture some years…

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May 2015: Lateral Pelvic Tilt / Poor Cleat Position / Flexed Posture / Super Tight Hamstrings

May 2015: Lateral pelvic tilt / poor cleat position / flexed posture / super tight hamstrings

By Steve Hogg This is the first of what will be a regular Fit of the Month series which will illustrate how a team of like minded fitters have tackled…

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