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Canberra – Pushys Plus, Collie St Fyshwick

Brisbane – Cam’s Cycle Coaching, 391 Montague St West End

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Tim Dejonghe is an ex-racer and passionate cyclist. He has more than 10 years of experience in bike fitting and cycling mechanics at the highest level.

Tim’s Palmares since 2002:

  • Advanced Bike Fit Training with Steve Hogg
  • Sidas Level 1,2 and3 bike shoe and ski boot fitting
  • Bike Fit Training with Paul Swift
  • Pro Cycling Team Sniper Cycling (cyclocross and road cycling)
  • Pro Cycling Team FDJ, France
  • Pro Cycling Team Blank/Belkin
  • Pro Cycling Team Rabobank
  • Annual Tech and Bike Fit clinics with Shimano

(Costs, what to bring with you, guarantee and more)

Comprehensive Bike Fitting using the Steve Hogg Method – 250 Euro plus any parts necessary to complete the task.

Each fitting includes:

  • Dynamic 3D analysis
  • Cleat adjustment and foot correction
  • On bike corrections
  • Power analysis
  • Onebike and 2 pairs of shoes
  • Check up at later date using the same bike and shoes
  • Time Trial & Triathlon bikes – additional 60 Euro

Fitting a 2nd Bike – 115 Euro

Cleat Fitting – 90 Euro plus any parts required

Road Test after a Bike Fitting and Check Up – 795 Euro (Contact us for details)

Wind Tunnel Test after a Bike Fitting, Check Up and Road Test – 1,675 Euro (Contact us for details)

Other Options:

  • Test seats (existing models) – Free on request during a Comprehensive Bike Fitting
  • Test Lake cycling shoes (existing models)- Free on request during a Comprehensive Bike Fitting
  • Lake Cycling Shoes – X402 = 440 Euro / X332 = 360 Euro / X237 = 260 Euro
  • Lake Shoes with Custom Colours and / or Prints = price on request
  • Sidas custom footbeds – 90 Euro
  • SMP seat including fitting to bike – 195 Euro
  • Special Bike Soap – 1 litre = 8 Euro / 5 litres = 30 Euro
  • Custom 8 or 9 Bike Carrier for Race Service car – price on request
  • Custom Bike Storage Solutions – price on request
  • Custom Work Stands – price on request


Due at the time the fitting session is completed. Cash, PayPal, direct debit or credit cards are acceptable forms of payment. We prefer cash or direct debit because we take a hit on other payment methods.


We offer free follow ups for one year after a Comprehensive Fitting. If you are not satisfied with the results of your fitting and I am unable to resolve your on bike issues with a subsequent follow up, I will refund your money. You are paying for a result, not an attempt. Bike fitting is expensive and I hear many stories of riders who have a ‘professional’ fitting and then change their position back to the way it was within a couple of weeks without complaint. The general standard of the bike fitting industry is low and we find this unacceptable. We work to achieve a much higher level of customer satisfaction than that.

Mechanical Services:

We have a comprehensively equipped work shop so any cutting of fork steerer tubes, seat masts, modifications to shoes etc is no problem.

Off The Bike vs On The Bike:

Even with the best bike position in the world it takes a certain minimum level of physical functionality to ride a bike effectively. I do not expect to see ‘perfect’ clients; they don’t exist. If I think that your issues are too severe to be dealt with by changing your position on the bike alone, I will tell you at the earliest possible moment and refer you to others with the expertise to allow you to achieve the necessary degree of functionality to ride effectively.
Many of you will find that I can work around pre-existing functional issues. Even so, you may still need further help elsewhere. I have developed a network of quality health care professionals in every mainland capital that can help you if necessary. Have confidence that I’m not trying to dodge a bullet here; my intent is work with integrity to aid in you becoming faster and more comfortable on your bike. This requires a holistic approach.

Post Fit Adaptation:

No matter how good or bad your current position you are used to it. Constantly repeating an action like cycling embeds a Motor Pattern (muscle firing sequence appropriate to the task) in your Central Nervous System (brain and spine). This is not going to change just because I optimise your position. It takes time for your nervous system to learn a new way of doing things, typically three weeks of regular (four or more times weekly) riding. The quickest way to adapt is to ride at low to low moderate intensity. At heart rates above 70 to 75 percent of maximum, we unconsciously attempt to fall back into Motor Patterns that we are used to…… which won’t work very well, because your physical relationship to the bike has changed. Be sensible, avoid steep hills, avoid fast bunches and smell the roses for three weeks post fitting. After that, resume normal activity.

If your competitive season will be impacted on by following the three week easy period post fitting, please talk to me about this before confirming your booking.

Please bring with you:

  • Cycling bib shorts and top
  • Cycling shoes with any footbeds or orthotics if you have them
  • Sunglasses or prescription glasses that you ride with
  • The tool kit that you ride with
  • Any bike lights that you ride with
  • Cycling helmet
  • Any wallet you carry in your jersey while riding.
  • The phone that you carry while riding.
  • Ladies need to wear a crop top or athletic bra because I need to be able to see as much of your spine as possible.
  • Runners and triathletes need to bring their running shoes and any orthotics or footbeds that they use while running.
  • Triathletes need to bring their swimming goggles

Food and Drink:

The length of a fitting session means that it is a good idea to bring a healthy snack with you.

Wear and Tear:

  • Ensure that your bike is reasonably clean. A dirty bike is not pleasant to work on.
  • If your cleats or shoes are worn beyond the point where it impacts on performance, I will insist on replacing them.
  • If repositioning of brake levers or adjustment of handlebar angle is necessary and your bar tape takes a beating in the process, you may need new bar tape.
  • I will make every effort to ensure your bike is ready to ride when you leave, however if we make changes to stems, bars, saddles and posts, it is possible some parts may require additional tightening after the fit. Please know it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your bike is safe to ride before you ride it.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to working with you soon.



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(9) 11 November – 7 (9) December 2017

I was really excited to travel to Australia to train with Steve! That such a well thought of Bike Fitter wants me to train with him…

After 32 hours travelling, I got a warm welcome in Canberra.

Steve and Margaret live on a hill, a really impressive hill. Every day we rode our bikes to work; 17%, down. That’s ok, but riding up that same 17% hill after a long and mentally tiring day! (I am from Belgium, where it is mostly flat.)

It is amazing how much more I learned. I have been involved in the technical side of the bike business for more than 10 years and bike fitting for the latter part of that but I still learned a lot of new points of view.

On the other hand we also shared a lot the same opinions. Sometimes the implementation of the solutions was different but with the same point of view. Sometimes we laughed out loudly because it’s so crazy that we’ve been working more than 16.600km apart, have never previously spoken, but often said the same things at the same time. Or for some client problems with position, we implemented the same solutions… This gave me a lot of confidence that my beliefs and actions in my past bike fittings are in line with those of a highly regarded expert.

At Bike Power, we’ve been looking at the body as one large biomechanical chain. In Australia I learned the finer details of the component parts of that chain and how they interact together. If one part of the body (chain) is not working properly then it affects the function of the rest of the chain in ways that most people don’t understand or even realise.

I learned how to check every detail, diagnose problems and how to overcome them using the client’s central nervous system response as a guide. This is not really as easy as it sounds, but Steve and I understood each other intuitively and because Steve is a very good trainer, the training process went really well.

(Note from Steve: “What Tim neglects to mention is that he is a very smart bloke”)

At the end if your position is Comfortable and Efficient you will have more Performance and fun!

The intense training during the four weeks was really educational! I feel ready now to perform the same standard of work in Belgium. I feel honoured to be part of the Steve Hogg Team!

Thanks to Steve and Margaret for everything! It was a great experience overall and a really good time!