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Toby comes from an active background in rugby, skiing, windsurfing and age group triathlon – each providing him with a multitude of injuries largely caused by over training! His first-hand experience with injury and rehabilitation unleashed a passion for all things movement (Toby is also a qualified pilates instructor).

Toby has eight years of bike fitting experience – he came across fitting whilst in the U.S.A. when an acquaintance offered him a fit and a place on a bike fitting course by chance  – the rest, as they say, is history…

Toby is all about finding answers; his focus is on discovering the small increments that enable an athlete to define new boundaries or to determine the boundary between success and failure. His assessment of the athlete and  the equipment is from all perspectives. Toby does not just mechanically fit a body to a bike, rather he takes a holistic approach encompassing all aspects of the athlete, their body and the equipment.

Most recently, Toby spent the month of February 2015 with Steve Hogg in his Sydney studio and is now Steve Hogg Certified Fitter, encompassing the very detailed methodologies and practices that are a step ahead of mainstream systems.

When Toby is not travelling he enjoys riding his mountain bike, practicing pilates at home and spending time with his wife, Jodie, and newborn son, Joshua.

The Bike Fit session offered by BikeFit Asia covers following:

  • A pre-fit interview to outline your cycling history, injuries, goals and aspirations along with a comprehensive evaluation of your form and function both on and off the bike. *
  • Whatever it takes to give you the best possible physical relationship with your bike.
  • Recommendations, requirements and any changes of equipment in order for you to function most efficiently on the bike. A key component of this process is the accurate setup of foot correction, canting and the addition of arch support using detailed methodologies and practices that are a step ahead of mainstream systems.
  • A comprehensive report outlining recommendations for functional and structural issues identified on and off the bike, referrals to health professionals, recommended reading and a record of your new position.
  • There is no charge for any post fit tweaks needed within three months of your fit.

Location: BikeFit Asia, Singapore

Duration: 3-4 hours pending on work and changes required.

Fee: SGD600

Consultation services are available outside of the standard bike fit session for existing clients.

Fitting fees and deposit amount can vary for locations outside of BikeFit Asia’s main Singapore studio.

Other locations are available upon request.

* This can vary pending fit location and accessibility


A 30 percent deposit is required to secure your booking.

Any cancellations 72 hours prior to your confirmed booking date or no-shows will result in the loss of your deposit.

Terms of Booking:

It is likely that you will need some changes to your equipment to gain an ideal position. If equipment changes are necessary, they are mandatory. I offer a money back guarantee and am not interested in being judged on anything less than the best fitting job I can do.

Should you decline to allow me to make necessary equipment changes, the fit session stops, your bike, cleat position etc will be returned to your pre fit session settings and you will incur a charge of 50% of the standard fitting fee.

By confirming this booking you are agreeing the above Terms.


To make a booking please contact

Towards the end of 2014, I had flown down to see Steve and experience first hand his methods that left clients positively raving about what he did for them and other professionals criticizing his work and ways. The short trip and brief experience further cemented my desire to train with, and learn from Steve.

Between clients, travels and a newly expecting baby, I spent the month of February 2015 training one-on-one with Steve. The training was fantastic and like any learning process there were highs, lows and some bouts of frustration. However, the experience and time with Steve was life changing.

Training with Steve was a fantastic experience.