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Canberra – Pushys Plus, Collie St Fyshwick

Brisbane – Cam’s Cycle Coaching, 391 Montague St West End

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I’m a qualified Physiotherapist and have completed additional extra training in Sports Biomechanics, Dry Needling and Myofascial Release techniques. I run a small, personalized musculo-skeletal clinic in Flemington which caters to a broad spectrum of sports and spinal patients.

I began riding some six years ago and was instantly hooked. Since then I have increased my fitness each year and began road racing in 2013 in the VRS state series. Some years ago, a particularly difficult and unusual bike fit problem led me to the doors of three bike fitters in Melbourne, none of whom were able to solve my problem, but were more than happy to take my money.

Realising that I would have to sort this issue out myself, I read Steve Hogg’s blog with mounting excitement – finally I had found someone who had learned to understand human function on a bicycle.

I solved my issue with Steve’s help and have been fascinated by cycling biomechanics, asymmetry and human cycling performance ever since. I began professionally fitting riders to their machines in 2012 and have been enjoying the challenge ever since. Not only can we sort out the bike position, we are often called upon to correct the biomechanical, functional and structural issues that our clients present with. – our clinic is a real “one stop shop” for correcting cycling biomechanics.

Bike fitting is by far the most difficult, tricky but most interesting aspect of my career so far.

We offer a single level of service for complete bike fits – this will require four hours of your time and will include a comprehensive off-bike assessment of your biomechanics, functional ability and neurological status. We utilize Steve Hogg’s patented techniques for improving neurobiomechanics and foot correction in your cycling shoes. You will receive a six-page report at the conclusion of the fit which will detail your physical findings, give recommendations for functional improvement as required, and a detailed positional schematic with your pre-fit and post-fit bike position.

The fee for our full fit option is $595 and includes a set of either G8 insoles or Sofsoles which are both excellent options for arch support in your cycling shoes. Included in this fee is a follow-up one hour session if required at the six-week mark post-fit, this is to check how well the positional changes have “taken” and how well your body has habituated to the new position. Every client is welcome to take advantage of this follow-up positional review, but it has been my experience that around 90 percent will not require this additional checkup.

If any further tweaks to the position need to be made beyond the three-month mark post-fit, we will require an hour at a time to make any minor changes. These will be billed at the standard rate for a Physiotherapy Extended Consultation of $110.

Given that our services entail Physiotherapy treatment, you will be eligible for a rebate on the bike fit if you have current Private Health Insurance with extras cover. The level of rebate varies between funds but you can usually expect between $100 and $300 back from your health fund to go towards the bike fit.

We carry a reasonable stock of stems, bars, cleats, wedges and so forth. On the day of the fit, any required equipment changes will be at wholesale prices – our margin on parts is zero.

Our guarantee:

Our services are offered on a money-back if not happy basis. If we are unable to resolve your issue to your satisfaction, we will refund your money within the 3 month period post-fit. All reasonable attempts must be made to allow further positional tweaks to correct the issue. It is important to note that some problems on the bike are merely an off-bike problem presenting on the bike – for example severe disc problems in the lower back, or degenerative arthritis in the knees are often difficult problems to overcome with even a perfect bike position. All reasonable attempts will be made to satisfy our customers and we will go above-and-beyond for the difficult cases.

On the day:

Please bring any cycling shoes that you would like set up, any sunglasses or prescription lenses that you may wear whilst riding, your helmet and every accessory that usually goes with you on a ride. Any in-shoe innersoles, new cleats or equipment that you wish us to take a look at should come with you. Water, food and a sweat towel can be a good idea on warm days.


Showgrounds Village Physiotherapy
Shop 1, 320 Epsom Road
Flemington VIC 3031

Phone: 03 9372 3600

Enter the large Coles shopping centre from Epsom road, there are plenty of parks available in the large carpark here. Our clinic is located inside the Guardian Medical Centre located straight ahead as you enter.

Having visited Steve some 18 months prior to training, I knew some of what I was in for. Our three weeks was fascinating and challenging, with Steve showing me some very unusual but extremely effective techniques for optimizing neurological function and foot correction in a cycling and walking shoe. Some of what I was shown ran at odds with my background in modern Sports Medicine, given that I come from a fairly mainstream school of therapeutic training. My training and experience has traditionally followed mainstream, evidence-based practice and my background in biomechanics had equipped me to deal with most functional biomechanical issues – however the training with Steve showed me another side to optimizing neurological function and has been a real eye-opener.

Gradually, the effectiveness and repeatability of Steve’s techniques broke down my reservations and I became an enthusiastic proponent of his ideas over the weeks that followed. Steve’s enquiring nature and vast drive to understand the finer aspects of neurological function have led him down a fascinating path of discovery, and has opened my eyes up to some unconventional, but extraordinarily effective techniques for optimizing biomechanics.

Since my fit training with Steve, I have been able to improve my clients’ outcomes and am getting exceptionally good feedback regarding the effectiveness of the positional changes.

Not only that – Steve and I both share a love for fine beers, which almost, but not quite, makes up for the fact that Steve races mountain bikes – sacrilege!