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Steve started selling a Lateral Pelvic Alignment Kit to help solve one of the biggest problems not only on the bike, but in day to day life, a lateral pelvic tilt. You can find out more details about the new product here, and if you’re a Prime member, Steve explains how he developed the product here. As the kits have sold, we have received some great feedback from customers! Please read some of it below.:

From Peter Milostic (multiple times State and National TT champ – Elite):

“Dear Steve,

Having used your lateral pelvic tilt kit last week, this has been the biggest improvement I have felt in such a short time. I have been a cyclist for more than 20 years and have ridden hundreds of thousands of kilometres with a pelvic rotation. I now feel more solid on the seat and stronger on the bike. Tested the adjustments on my regular power climb staying seated and found an extra 100 watts on my usual max power!!! I still can’t believe it could be so simple!

Thank you. You’re a legend.”

From Ryan:

“OK Steve – Again YOU ARE THE MAN…I mean this in the most loving way.  I had my friend and wife do the magnet treatment on my right eye.  The results are OUTSTANDING…I could walk without my right hip holding on, it flowed through the walking motion.  We then did the reverse – and I was back to not having hip movement.  So went through all the steps again and I was good for the night test.

I say night test, since for the past 2 years any treatment I have ever done has never lasted through to the morning.  Meaning I would roll out of bed, have to do some simple movement to get things loose and take a warm shower…I would then be ready for the day, but again it would be with a stiff back and groin pain.

But after the magnet treatment I felt the muscle that is on the right side – right at the top portion of my butt crack…its the one that when I get it to fire right will hold my pelvis from rotating. (One of those Glutes)  But now it is firing all on it’s own without having to do crazy PT workouts.  It’s like I got the team back – full time.

In the middle of the night I felt my pelvis rotate and then that glute muscle fire and hold it from moving.  Good stuff!

When I woke I didn’t do any movement work, just showered and put on my shoes and pelvis was still level.  I have a old friend in town and we use to play racquetball and squash together.  He wanted to play…I said why not…I can’t break anything more and it will be a good test.

We ended up playing 2 hours – I didn’t have the major pain in my back, but I did still feel the effects of my damaged discs.  I didn’t need any meds and when I got home, showered, and went ahead and did another magnet series on the right eye to just help keep things active, as I am trying to correct 40 years of stuff.  This time I self treated.

The end result is that my hips move again, my legs feel equal again and after the playing today I feel the right side of my mid back muscles have gotten a good workout – it’s that good sore feeling.

In summary, it’s like things are talking again and beginning to work together again as a team. I know it’s going to take more time for the muscles to strengthen, just as they did when I adjusted for my LLD with a shim in my shoes.

I currently still have right groin pain that is on a diagonal from my Pubic Symphysis to the right superior anterior pelvic crest, still feels a bit swollen, but that could also be from diet, and other things I am need to flush out.

A friend has changed his diet as it relates to “The China Study” and from what he has told me, it hits on many things about cancer that I didn’t know about.

Again thank you for sharing all your findings with us all – It’s really a blessing!

I’ll keep posting new results as time passes.


From Sam:

“Steve I used your lateral pelvic tilt kit and I can only say the results are nothing short of outstanding. My shoulder has dropped back into the proper position I think my pelvis is in the right spot and for some reason I have gained 5 inches of hamstring stretch which is totally weird to me. Hope it sticks. Real test will be two big days this weekend.”

and then…

“Hi Steve,

Felt great! Felt like I was sitting flat on the saddle, no pain. Only problem now is I probably need to re-evaluate the rest of my position as my body feels like it wants to get lower at the front, and my saddle now feels low. The muscles in my back are still getting used to not having to compensate on the right side, probably a shock to the system after a lifetime of being tight.

Very happy though. Happy to recommend the kit, and i’ll keep you posted of any changes.


From Mitch:

“Hi Steve,

I received the kit and magnets, and have started experimenting.  So far, my results match your claims, which is no surprise.  It’s truly fascinating, kudos to you for figuring it out.  As you suspected, I was able to repair my AR coated glasses.  My optician will rejoice that I can continue to purchase expensive coatings.

I haven’t visited the PT for an independent assessment yet, but I’ve have been having some fun with some surfing friends.  The difference in feedback through the feet is obvious after they’ve been wound up and wound down in the reactive eye.  I don’t know if you’ve ever used a balance board (surf training board that rolls on a large PVC pipe wrapped in grip tape), but it’s a handy way to demonstrate the effect.  When someone is accustomed to performing difficult tricks easily can be made to have trouble, then can be miraculously “cured”; they become believers.

The applications of your discovery appear to be limitless; anyone that participates in any sport or movement-based activity like dance would surely benefit from your kit.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you could show improved ability to modulate brake pedal pressure in emergency stops in a car.

Anyway, thanks again.  I’ll continue experimenting and I’ll continue my quest to asymptotically approach (but never achieve) the holy grail of symmetric function.  I wish you the best in making the most of your discovery.”

From Mark:

“Hi Steve,

I just received my kit and magnets several days ago and worked through the process. Amazing results, my right iliac crest dropped by about 5mm afterwards. Yesterday I went for a 60km ride with some efforts thrown in to see the effect and it was noticeable that my hammies and glutes were more tired than usual afterwards. My left foot also seemed more stable (not wobbling or floating in & out) during the ride.”

From Mitchell:

“I’ve done the Pelvic Alignment Kit to good success. It was amazing how the right hip dropped and the lower back loosened up after the process. I even feel a difference while walking… A sense that my hips and buttocks are ‘tucked up’ under me instead of trailing off behind.”

From Leo: 

“Hi Steve,

This is a brief note on my experience with your kit. Since I used a Computrainer in a shop in the beginning of this year I found that I had a severe imbalance (like 37-63 on average), my right leg giving much more power than left. Quite a surprise to find this after more or less serious bike riding for 40 years. To train on this imbalance I got my self a Computrainer to get feedback while training and so correct this. Well I found that only when I tried very are hard and concentrated completely on this aspect I could get in the 50-50 range. But at higher intensities my left leg would get tired much sooner than right. A very frustrating experience, and one I expected to have to work on for a long time. On the road I did not have that measurement so I waited for the Garmin or Look pedal power measurement to get on the market (and waited and waited…). The kit came about the same time (and was used as soon as the magnets were in) as my Look Keo Power pedals, and to my surprise the imbalance between left and right leg was gone. I thought that maybe the LR measaurement of the computrainer might have been off, but although the two systems don’t give the same LR scores simultaneously, the averages are identical (49-51). So Steve, you can stop worrying about the Pelvic Kit, I think it works!

Best regards and thanks for this wonderful kit,


P.S. Anyone interested in a pair of Look Power pedals?”

From Eric:

“I just wanted to say thank you for creating this and bringing it to my attention. I’ve gone through a lot of bike fits trying to fix what I thought was a leg length discrepancy, but it turns out that I had a ~15mm pelvic tilt that almost completely went away after using your kit. I’ve only done one short ride since, but it felt great and I’m really optimistic that this will do wonders for resolving my issues.”

From Robin:

“Many thanks Steve. After walking with crutches for five months following a botched knee job my lower back was incredibly painful. I’ve done your magnet procedure three times and am happily walking pain free again. All the best from our place in Menorca (look it up).”


Note: Often, more specific answers to your questions can be found in the Comments below or in the eBooks section and FAQ page.

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