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02Jun 17

IT Band Pain & Questions for Chiropractor

Hi Steve, I've been dealing with a tight IT band on the right side for some years. This started when I was racing in the 1980s & 90s; persisted, a bit, during the 'sedentary years'…

02Jun 17

Glute and hamstring pain

Hi Steve. I've been a long time fan of yours. Your website is a mine of information. I'm a club time triallist, racing no more than 30 miles. Had a slow start this year and…

26May 17

Saddle height with new shoes

Hi! I am changing from Giro Factor Techlace shoes to Bont Vaypor+ shoes. I was told that the difference in shoe sole is about 3mm, with the Bont Vaypor 3mm thinner. So I am planning…

22May 17

Valgas Wedges.

Hi Steve, Recently I fitted up a new rider that I am looking after, this guy had been fitted by one of the Physios in town, and to my surprise, the Physio had fitted a…

10May 17

Bike size

Hello Steve, I just had my 70th birthday. I have been riding a size 61 Specialized for over twenty years. For the last 3 years (due to back surgery) I have not been on the…

10May 17

Speedplay Walkable Cleats

G'day Steve, I hope you are well! Just a wee quick question... What screws are you using for the new walkable cleats when shimming Speedplay? I'm out of the older Speedplay pedals now and have…

26Apr 17

Archtech G8

Steve: I have been using Archtech G8 insoles for the past few years. I have been happy with them but I have need to increase the height of the insert in order to maintain a…

19Apr 17

Mountain Bike Handlebar Sweep

Steve, Hope you are doing well, and thanks again for answering some previous questions on more standard saddle, etc. fit issues that have helped greatly. Your blog is such a great gift to so many.…

18Apr 17

Proprioceptive clarity

I've had longstanding issues with pain in my left knee (generally worse after or during longer riders, hard efforts or hills) and lateral foot pain left side only) during longer rides. After reading your information…

18Apr 17

tibialis anterior pain

Hi Steve, I was wondering if you could tell me about your experiences with people who have tibialis anterior pain. Particularly in one leg only. Is this usually caused by the leg being over extended?…

14Apr 17

measuring seat angle

hi Steve iv recently changed seat post on my bike that Scherrit fitted me too i made sure i had marked everything from the fit and i had most of tools i thought i would…

08Apr 17

Issues with what I think is my left ischium

SORRY FOR THE LENGTH: I am 48. Approximately one year ago, I started bicycling again after a 30-year lapse. My only bicycle is a Ridley X-Trail which I ride 5 or 6 days out of…

08Apr 17

Patella Femoral Stresses

Steve, Based off your knowledge of cyclist physiology, at what crank position would you say patella femoral stress is highest? (assuming a decent bike fit and no excessive symmetry issues). Where in the pedal stroke…

08Apr 17

Pain right lower back

Good morning Steve, I have just purchased a new bike and have to the best of my knowledege set it up the same as my previous bike. However despite my efforts I continue to suffering…

03Apr 17


Hi Steve, do you ever find it necessary to use fixed cleats for small riders with collapsing arches? I am 35 years old, 170cm, 59kg, and very flexible (probably too flexible for joint stability some…

03Apr 17

Pain on outside of foot

Hello! I recently retired an old pair of comfy Specialized S-Works shoes and have now been using Giro Factor Techlaces. I am using the Giro Supernatural insoles, and have been experimenting between the red and…

03Apr 17

Right Side Bias

For years i've struggled with problems on the bike and having had 3 different bike fits over 2 years none of them seem to have had any idea of what you call the 'right side…

03Apr 17

cleat position for sprinting

Dear Steve I have been enjoying the benefits of my fit in February 2017, especially the correction to my general position, my pelvic tilt and the new mid sole cleat position. My problems were instability…

03Apr 17

SMP triathlon saddles?

Hi Steve, I have been using an SMP lite 209 saddle on my road bike for some years. I came across your site recently and based on your seat height information I have arrived at…

03Apr 17

“Knee” pain and bike fit

Hi I took up cycling, only about four years ago and since then the addiction has set in. Over the last couple of years, a vast improvement in my fitness and substantial weight loss has…

13Mar 17

power balance and seat centered…

Recently training with a good friend and I'm watching him from behind. Doing power based workouts he's using a stages power meter and I'm following him on my power tap pedals which I know are…

09Mar 17

Numb Glutes after bike fit.

Hi Steve, I recently fitted one of the riders that I look after. This guy had previously been to one of the prominent physios in town, who among other things, had fixed Shimano red cleats,…