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14Jan 18

Speedplay technical questions

Hi Steve, From working on my cleat position, I seem to have stripped the threads on one of the cleat mounting holes of my speedplay extender plate. The other 3 are fine, but the fourth…

14Jan 18

pedal extender

Hy Steve, Hope everything is going well at home I was wondering if you could fabricate pedal extenders of 35 mm length. I´ve got a tarsal coalition on my left foot I´ve been using the…

09Jan 18

Left Side Bias + Morton’s Feet

G'day Steve! My goal is to keep this as short and sweet as possible. I'll first give a synopsis of my current "situation" and then ask for guidance. I started following your fit articles about…

05Jan 18

Cleat Position

Steve: As a long-time reader going back to your Cyclingnews articles, I have seen your thoughts evolve over time. Does your “Power to the Pedal” blog post from 2011 still accurately represent your thoughts on…

04Jan 18

My Dream Ti Seven bicycle – thanks for your design

Hi Steve, I am writing to thank you for your all-important ‘design’ contribution to my Ti bike. Whilst heartfelt, ‘thank you’ scarcely does justice to the magic you performed. [I also recognize the contribution which…

21Dec 17

Right Side Bias

Something I've thought about for years now has come back into mind in reading about the right side bias and I wonder if there's any correlation. I have put a lot of miles on my…

18Dec 17

Which SMP to change to?

Hi Steve Adrian here from Melbourne. Long time. I hope you are well in Canberra! I have a question regarding my SMP Drakon saddle. I think I might need something narrower and less padded in…

30Nov 17

MLLD in Femur.

G'day Steve, I hope you are well. I have a client coming up the road from Yorkshire in a couple of weeks with a 30mm MLLD in his femur. I have fitted many 'large' shims…

30Nov 17

Backwards cycling/Eccentric loading of legs muscles.

Hi Steve. One of the universities in Perth is testing the effects of using special ergo's that rotate the pedals backwards, the rider then needs to resist the backwards motion as best they can. The…

16Nov 17

G8 Ignite vs 2620

Hi Steve, I have a longstanding problem with pain and stiffness in the left knee. I was recently diagnosed by a podiatrist with overpronation and collapsed arches, worse on the left side, which I think…

03Oct 17

Pelvic Asymmetry/ Left side bias

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with comfort and performance on the bike, please bear with me whilst I provide some background to my issues. I am 24 and have been road…

21Sep 17


Hi Steve, I also saw these on BikeRumor a few days ago. Have you seen / heard / had any experience with them? No Darren, this is the first I've seen of them. It's…

17Sep 17

Chain Ring Design

Hi Steve! Was wondering if you'd be interested in testing a new "patent pending" chain ring design that inherently makes climbing faster and easier...I know that seems to go against the laws of physics? I,…

31Aug 17

Cyclist Syndrome

Any experience/advice for a working with a female with cyclist syndrome ?   G'day Mike, Yes I do, though pudendal nerve entrapment seems far less common amongst women than it is amongst men. Also, you're…

17Aug 17

Wedging to correct knee alignment.

Hi Steve, I have just started reading a new book, about the science of cycling, and was keen to see what they had to say about bikefit. Like many of the bikefitting systems, the book…

11Aug 17

Smaller toes going numb

Since you have read my previous story and that I have told you I have been to all of the local bike fitters in my area. I am willing to pay extra to your paypal…

08Aug 17

Saddle sores. Pelvic tilt/instability

First of all i want to say i find your information, and articles  fantastic. You are great at explaining things, and your knowledge about everything is so valuable. I dont know if you remember me,…

03Aug 17

new bike build

hi Steve i hope you don t mind but so i don t make any classic mistakes and because i cannot afford or get away with paying for a custom frame i would like to…

01Aug 17

Pedaling smoothly

Hi Steve, I have many posts to you concerning my question: smooth pedaling. I know that you can not diagnose via emails so please consider this question a "What if". I am trying to get…

01Aug 17

Smaller toes going numb

Dear Steve Hogg, I hate to write a story but I dont know where to start. I have been struggling over the past year with my smaller toes going numb while riding. I really feel…

15Jul 17

Seat setback with different SMP Saddles

Hi Steve - love your blog. My question is I own 3 SMP saddles: 1 composit, 1 dynamic and 1 lite 209. I use the lite 209 for my cross bike, and the composit and…