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Please email us to setup an appointment and include your mobile phone number so Steve can call you to discuss your needs.


Canberra – Pushys Plus, Collie St Fyshwick

Brisbane – Cam’s Cycle Coaching, 391 Montague St West End

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Our work shop is fully equipped and our staff are vastly experienced. Steve has been working on all things bike related for more than 40 years and has been a neutral service wheel builder for Mavic Service Corse. Geoff has been wielding the tools for 30 years. All our wheels have a 12-month guarantee on the quality of our wheel building.

We strive to do our job well and to be transparent in our dealings. If there is any doubt about expenditure on a job in progress, we will contact you before proceeding further.

Basic Service and Clean

$75 (parts extra)

Suggested frequency: 3 monthly for regular usage (4 x a week or more). 6 monthly for irregular usage.

Remove, clean and refit chain, cassette and chain rings

Clean frame

Lube chain and cables (including fitting new cables if necessary)

Adjust brakes, gears and headset (including fitting new brake pads if necessary)

Check and adjust hubs

Basic wheel trueing

Ensure bolts are correctly torqued

Set correct tyre inflation pressure

Road test

General Service

$150 (parts extra)

Suggested Frequency: 6 monthly for heavy usage. Annually for irregular usage.

As per Basic Service plus the following:

Remove, lube and refit seat post

Remove, lube and refit bottom bracket

Pull down, lube and adjust head set

Remove tyres and tubes and true wheels

Pull down, lube and adjust hubs

Complete Service

$345 (parts extra)

Suggested frequency: Annually for heavy usage. Every 2nd or 3rd year for irregular usage.

As per General Service plus the following:

Bike position is marked for reference.

Bike frame and fork are completely stripped of component parts and reassembled from scratch with every part cleaned and adjusted before refitting.

New brake and gear cable sets are fitted at no extra charge. Disc brakes have brake fluid replaced with new fluid and are bled.

Post Complete Service, your bike should feel like new.

Small Jobs: Anything not included in the pricing above is charged on the basis of time at $75 per hour.




  • $95 per wheel for conventional rims plus the cost of the spokes of your choice.
  • $125 per wheel for rims without holes in the rim bed. (Rims of this type need a small steel screw inserted into the spoke nipples which are then dropped into the valve hole and then a magnet is used to drag each nipple around the rim to the appropriate hole. This is time consuming.)


  • Wheels in good condition are trued thoroughly for $25 each.
  • Wheels in poor condition are charged on time at an hourly rate of $75. You will be advised if your wheel is in poor condition at the time the wheel is brought in.