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Many brands of shoe have cleat mounting positions that are too far forward for many riders. Mavic, Vittoria, Carnac and Pearl Izumi are examples, though a lot depends on individual foot proportions and how the foot fills the shoe.

For those wishing to attempt a ‘home handyman’ approach to modifying their cleat position, threaded eyelets are necessary. Supplied in sets of eight (two spares if you make a mistake). Included are instruction sheet, longer than standard cleat mounting bolts (often necessary), and a long M5 bolt to help seat the eyelets.

This job should be within the capability of anyone who knows their way around tools and has a handyman mentality. However, before proceeding further, first and foremost you need to understand that any modification of a cycling shoe carries a potential risk to the user of the modified shoes. If you are not willing to take personal responsibility for this risk, do not purchase this product.

Please note: Speedplay users wanting to move their cleat mounting holes further back using this kit will need to use Speedplay extender base plates which are made of aluminium. The standard Speedplay base plates are plastic and often distort too much to be easily used in a non standard location.

Price: AUD $12.00